When starting a new business, often one of the first things you need to consider is your brand. What’s it going to look like? What are people going to think and feel when they see it? What kind of emotional response are you trying to encourage?

We believe this stage of launching your business *should* be a really exciting (like, really!). Rather than a costly and drawn out process, it should be a fun experience, working with a team of people who understand your business, and provide creative options that will work for you now, and well into the future (hello, that’s us!).

So, we’re breaking it down for you! Here’s what’s involved in the development of a new logo for your business:

Let’s chat! This is the time to bring any ideas, suggestions or thoughts to the table about what you like and don’t like. It’s a time where we discuss your business, your product or service offering, target markets and more, to understand who you’re trying to reach and what problem you’re solving.

We get to work. We are lucky enough to have some *amazing* graphic designers on our team, and they work together to develop a range of initial concepts for your logo design.

Feedback, feedback, feedback! We send you a range of initial concepts (usually 4-6) to review, and get feedback on colours, fonts and icons.

Magic happens. Once we’ve refined your feedback on the initial concepts, we come back with some standout designs, making it easy for you to choose which will work best for your business. We even provide you with visuals so you can see how your logo will appear on a range of mediums, including clothing, signage, website, social media and more.

You get the files! We provide you with a range of pantone, print and web logo files, so you can splash your logo across everything and anything. We also develop brand guidelines, so you know what fonts and colours to use, and guidelines about how to use your logo correctly.

Usually the process takes 2-6 weeks, so you don’t need to be planning on a months-long wait, or numerous workshops and meetings to get started.

If you’re thinking of launching a new business, or need an upgrade of your current logo, give our team a call, or visit our website – https://zesttas.com.au/service/logos