“But I didn’t get any likes? No one is seeing my content!”

This phrase is heard far too often when chatting all things social media, and although important, likes and following are not the only way to measure your social media performance.

Instead, you have to check yo’ self and your brand goals to determine exactly what metrics you should be paying attention to and measuring your success on. Although ultimately we would all love for each post to end in a conversion of some sort, it’s important to cover all the areas of your marketing funnel as part of your social media plan (it’s not all about conversions!).

Here are some ways to understand what metrics you should be paying attention to depending on your overall goals:

I want to build awareness of my brand or products!

Your goal may be to build brand awareness within the industry, along with developing your reputation and credibility. This is key for new businesses and established businesses that want to increased exposure to new audiences.

Key metrics:

I want prospective customers to have me in their consideration set!

Here, you have some awareness in the community, now need to build on the interaction that you have with this audience. By doing so, you are able to build a relationship with your audience and strengthen your brand. The result? Greater engagement!

Key metrics:

I want conversions!

Don’t we all! At this stage, you want your audience to do something- make a purchase, book an experience, signup for a company newsletter, etc. By encouraging them to take action, you’re converting them from a watcher to a customer.

Key metrics:

Now start setting your goals, and determining what metrics you should be reporting against. And remember, a goal of growing your followers from 500 to 20,000 in a matter of months is great, but not at all realistic. So keep your goals realistic, work within your budget, and keep regularly keep track of where you’re at.

If you need help managing your social media presence and setting goals, let us know– we can take the hard work out and help get you on the right track.