You’ve just thrown a lot of marketing budget at some Facebook ads, and now you’re waiting for the sales to roll in. Yet, you hear crickets…..

You check to make sure it’s live see how many likes you got, and wonder out loud if Karen from accounts shared it to her followers. And yet, still nothing.

When your ads don’t result in conversions, it can be disheartening, and downright frustrating. However, for a lot of brands, ads not converting is not the end of the world. In fact, it provides you with some incredible insights and clarity on your investment.

The importance of organic content

For many businesses that are rocking their Facebook ads, there has been a lot of work done before the ads were even posted. More often than not, these businesses have been churning out awesome organic social content, communicating regularly with customers via some engaging EDM’s, and producing some insightful blog posts.

If you’re not already doing this, you’re likely not in a potential customer’s consideration set when you launch your Facebook ads. Because they don’t know about you, your advertising just doesn’t mean much to them when they see it.

What next?

As such, you need (let me repeat, neeeeed) to work on your non-paid activity before considering throwing your hard-earned marketing dollar at Facebook ads seeking conversions. You may even need to put some of that money aside to focus on building awareness and consideration first. Because if your audience doesn’t know who you are, an ad encouraging them to purchase or invest their time in you won’t mean much to them.

If you’re struggling with your Facebook ads and can’t understand why you’re not making any conversions, give the team at zest a call.

Remember- conversions will happen eventually, but you need to engage with your audience and nurture them first.