Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, YouTube, Tiktok… let us tell you, it isn’t as daunting as it may seem! The trick is to work out where your audience can best be reached – Facebook and Instagram are a great starting point generally, and social media is just *so* important for your brand and business!

Let us explain how this wonderful social tool can do so much for you.

4.2 billon, that’s billion with a B, people around the world are active social media users. Just think of all those people your brand could reach. Social media is the perfect place to build a community for your brand and connect with your audience and customers, as it gives you the chance to interact and encourage conversation, as well as grow awareness, build brand personality, and promotion.

Who are you?

Social media is THE place to tell your followers just who you are, as you can yell it from the (digital) roof tops. Create a recognisable voice and style by staying committed to a tone and post style. You can be fun, professional, casual, a little bit quirky, trendy, or geeky, and trust us, your followers will begin to recognise your posts straight off the bat. This will help with recall and put you at the top of your customer’s mind.

Another thing your followers love to know is WHY you do what you do. Social media is amazing, as it allows you to let the world know the story and passion behind your brand and how you came to be. This is a super important part in shaping your brand personality online and can help you chose the direction you head in.

Faces Behind the Masterpiece

What do people love to see on their feeds? Other people! You’ve introduced them to your brand personality, now introduce them to your team’s personality. Social media is a great way to add a human element to your business online; you can show photos, videos, and chat with followers through comments and messaging. If your audience feel they are connecting with real humans, it will help to grow the bond between them and you, and in return you have loyal and engaged followers. You can even use social media to show off your best customers!

Annnd a Little Promo Never Hurt

Social media is awesome for connection, awareness, brand building (all the good things!) and once you have these it makes it easy to put some self-promotion out there! There are lots of fun ways to promote your products and services through social channels. For example, you can try a “how to” video with a new product, photos from behind the scenes, or set up a beautiful photo to capture your products. It is also great to link your website and online store, as your posts can encourage followers to click through to your website where they will be met with even more awesomeness! Social media will always allow you to link your website on your profile so audiences can easily find you.

So, there you have it, just a brief introduction to what social media can do for you and your brand. Not just growth in sales, but connection engagement and much, much more.

If you need some help launching or growing your social media channels, give the team at Zest a call.