What is it that makes you realise it’s time for a brand refresh? Sometimes we have clients who tell us they woke up one day and just *knew* it was time, while others take a little longer to see the signs. For those of us who don’t have an epiphany about our brand, these are usually some common reasons to consider a brand refresh:

You outgrew your brand.
Often, when launching a business, people will choose a colour scheme or logo based on something they have seen online (hello, Pinterest!). Funnily enough, often these are the first to change. As you grow and evolve, you realise the logo doesn’t suit the business anymore, or the colours or font are a nightmare to print or embroider on uniforms, hats, etc.

You found that you stopped printing bulk orders of stationery.
You’ve fallen out of love with your brand, so don’t want to invest in printing with the logo anymore.

You have stopped posting on-brand posts on your social media accounts.
As they either don’t work with what you’re posting anymore or you no longer like the look of them on your feed.

You stop telling people to check out your website.
Because truth be told, you’re a little embarrassed by it [don’t worry, we have all been there at one time or another!].

So, if you find yourself nodding along and relating to these reasons, then it might be time to dive in and get started on a brand refresh. We make rebranding easy, and our process is quick, easy and affordable, so we get you looking your best in no time.

Check out some of our previous client work here to see how amazing a refresh or a rebrand can be for a business or organization.

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