This is becoming a more (and more) commonly asked question as the years go by and the times change. In Northern Tasmania 15 years ago, we had the number one regional newspaper in Australia, our local TV stations were buoyant and radio only had one station that covered the local market. BUT, times have changed and digital and social media have taken the advertising world by storm and consistently deliver strong results for our clients. TV competes with catch-up TV, Netflix, streaming, and more. Radio has two local stations and the newspaper circulation has halved.

All that said, traditional media definitely still has a place in our local advertising landscape, you just need to have a strategy behind your approach! Newspaper delivers a mature demographic, radio delivers a broad market and gets you results with the right station use and right timing. TV, you need to pick the eyes out of the programs, but the right program will deliver lots of eyes and great results. A blanket approach to any traditional media won’t deliver results as it did back in the day, but specific and strategic placement will definitely deliver a good result for your advertising dollar.

Whilst we specialise in digital and social media nowadays and will eagerly help anyone out in this advanced space, we also haven’t forgotten the traditional media space. So if you’re thinking your business could benefit from traditional media, call us! We want to help you and would love to chat about how traditional media can be an asset to your business.