Marketing is not a seasonal thing. It’s so easy to let your marketing slide as the months get cooler. Not only does this make it harder to keep your business moving towards the warmer months, it leaves the door wide open for competitors to sweep in.  During the cooler months, users are still seeking information and interacting with websites and social media.

So why should you slow down your marketing content during winter?

You shouldn’t!

Here are a few methods and tips to keep your marketing running hot this winter:

Keep your social media pages alive with content

As you have probably already established, social media platforms are the new and dominating force in the marketing world. Nearly everyone you speak to has some form of social media page, whether that be Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, or LinkedIn. Between them all, they are a key area of digital marketing strategy for your business, and for user engagement, so don’t let them go cold.

Excite your followers with special deals, and upcoming promotions, or even show behind-the-scenes action of your business and employees.

Utilise eDM’s

eDM refers to Electronic Direct Mail. In a nutshell, they are the art of communicating with your audience via email, and are perfect for targeting consumers and sharing relevant and engaging content.

eDM’s are a perfect way to keep in contact with your customers and remind them of your presence. They give you the ability to target specific groups of consumers and share engaging content. Even better, they can be monitored to understand which content users are interacting with and find appealing(which is great for knowing what content to share in the future).

Don’t forget about TV and Radio ads

Winter is the perfect reason to ramp up your TV and Radio ads with more people avoiding the colder weather and looking for entertainment indoors. More people sitting on the couch = more TV viewers, right?

Did you know that TV adverting has the highest efficiency in achieving marketing goals? Whether your advertising goals revolve around building loyal customers, building brand awareness, or creating buzz about a new sale, TV advertising is a great way to achieve this.

Why not a brand refresh?

A new season might mean that it’s time for a brand refresh. A brand refresh is simply a sharpening-up of your business’ visuals and messaging. Although it should not be done too frequently, giving your brand a refresh is an easy way to add new life to your brand and make an impact with your customers. A brand refresh is a great way to create buzz and give your customers something to talk about, and further increase their interest in interacting with your business.

No matter what stage your marketing goals are at, whether you are looking to increase your brand’s awareness or keeping loyal customers engaged, don’t let your marketing go cold. Keep up–to-date with all your marketing platforms and grab your audience’s attention.

Don’t forget that our Zest-y team is here to help. Give us a call or shoot us an email to take steps in ensuring your business doesn’t hibernate over the winter.