Does your business currently have a logo? Or does yours needs an update? Does your logo convey the identity of your brand in one glance?

A logo is imagery that represents a brand- it captures the story behind your brand, communicating visually to clients who your business is.

These are all important questions to consider when thinking about your logo design. So, why is it important?

It’s your first impression

A logo is, ultimately, what introduces your brand to the world. People will see a logo and make an instant judgment on your brand. It can either spark potential customers interest and they will want to learn more about your brand (win!), or they will decide they don’t care about your brand all that much (don’t worry, we can help!). If created correctly, your logo will tell consumers the message behind your brand- this can be done many ways including the chosen colours, font, imagery and positioning.

It helps you stand out from competitors

When operating in a crowded market, a logo can help your business beat out competitors through both recall and interest. By having a strong logo, it will help you be one of the first that comes to mind when identifying service options. Also, a potential client choosing between similar brands with no prior knowledge is likely to go with the business whose logo interests them the most!

Consider all the brands you can picture in your mind; you may not actually know the name of their business, but you would recognise their logo! That’s the beauty of recall.

It’s familiar

A good logo will build trust in your clients and should be front and centre in everything your brand does – website, social media, signage, marketing products. By using repetition and keeping your logo in the minds of your consumers, you will continue to build on brand recognition and credibility.

Think about brands that you trust just from seeing their logo! Are you ever in the supermarket and see a new product labelled with one of your favourite brands logos? You would try the new product without another thought! Now imagine building that with your own brand- through the right marketing you can.

The bottom line is a strong logo connects with customers, builds trust in your service and will be worth it’s investment many times over.

For all things design and logos head here, we are pros at creating logos that clients luuurve and that capture the identity of their brand.